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I would personally like to credit many members of the Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society for getting me into the Outfitting and Guiding business.  Most important among them is my good friend, Dean Bowdoin.  His love for Desert Bighorn Sheep hunting was infectious and prompted a number of young hunters to get involved in providing guiding services for this wonderful animal.  His never ending commitment to wild sheep conservation has served as a benchmark for those of us who have come after him. Thanks Dean, and to all of the Charter Members of the Society for setting a wonderful example of what hunters are all about, the conservation for our wildlife resources. - Pete

Each time we book a client and outfit or guide a hunt, we have one thing in mind; to be safe, successful and deliver a quality “Outdoor Experience That Will Last A Lifetime”.  Every step we take in the planning and delivery of our service is done with the individual hunter in mind.  You tell us what is important to you, and then it is our job to make sure you are satisfied, and would like to come back and hunt with us again. Very important of all of us at Yellowhorn Outfitters, is that we develop a lasting friendship and hopefully have the opportunity to hunt with you again. 

The Yellowhorn Outfitters staff is always hunting for big, older age class animals.  We are willing to take on any hunt unit; not just the easy ones that traditionally produce big record book animals.  We will bust our tails to deliver on every aspect of your hunt.

You, the individual hunter, will determine the type of trophy you want. With hard work we have always been successful when, and wherever we guide, because we take the time necessary to “do it right”.

Price is often a very important concern to anyone utilizing the services of a guide and outfitter.  We at Yellowhorn Outfitters will never be budget priced.  The reason is simple. As in any business, in order to be reliable, comfortable, and successful, you have to make an investment in all of the things necessary to deliver a good product.  Our equipment and vehicles are in excellent shape.  We will always be fully licensed and insured.  We will thoroughly pre-scout your hunting unit and be completely prepared for your hunt. These costs are sometimes the difference between the price that some outfitters may offer, and those of Yellowhorn Outfitters.  Hunters make a tremendous investment in time away from family and work; it makes sense to use an outfitter that “does it right”.

Yellowhorn guides have well over 100 years of experience in hunting and guiding in Arizona and the Southwest.  We use all of this experience to your advantage in planning every element of your hunt.  Arizona is our backyard, we know its habitat and wildlife well and are willing to spend the time necessary to not only be successful, but to ensure that your hunt will the  “The Hunt Of A Lifetime”.

Yellowhorn Outfitters would like to thank all of the clients and friends who have used our services.  We look forward to sharing more campfires with you in the future.

- Pete


*Please Note: Over the years, Yellowhorn Outfitters has used the services of some very competent guides.  While working for us they have taken many fine animals, and some of them are on this website.  You may find some of these guides have gone on to establish their own outfitting businesses, and used some of our clients and animals to reflect hunts they have guided.  So be it. That is the nature of developing a new business.


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