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Yellowhorn Guided and Outfitted Hunts

Sheep Hunts: This is a Yellowhorn Outfitters area of experience few can match. When combined, the Yellowhorn Guides have over 75 years of experience guiding and outfitting sheep hunts. The great majority of these hunts have taken place in Arizona and throughout the Southwestern United States. We also can arrange hunts for clients, and accompany them to Canada and Mexico.

Special Permit Hunts: Another role we serve is outfitting and guiding Special Permit Hunts. Over the years we have guided many Auction and Raffle Sheep Hunts. Each one of these hunts is put together with the client's needs and expectations in mind. Since most of these hunts involve the search for a very special ram, are often longer in duration for both the scouting and hunting, prices vary tremendously. Each of these special hunts is quoted after meeting with the client and assessing their needs.

Complete Outfitted and Guided Hunt, Custom Tailored for You!

Sheep hunts by their very nature are not easy. The terrain is rough, rugged, and inhospitable. The magnificent animal we are hunting is in his backyard, and well adapted to it. He sees, smells, and hears better than we do. He is alert and an extremely worthy challenge. A challenge we would welcome, would like to be a part of, and have been involved in many times before, simply because we love it!

Each sheep hunt is unique and involves a tremendous amount of individual planning. The unit you are hunting, access, travel, camp, physical condition, and the type of trophy desired are just some of the elements that are taken into consideration when we plan your hunt. It is a step-by-step process coordinated with your input and involvement.

Yellowhorn pricing structure varies based on the kind of service requested. Listed below are some of the services that we can provide for your hunt. Please keep in mind that we will listen to your request and custom tailor a hunt that meets your needs and that of your pocketbook.

Pricing: $11,000.00* - (10 hunting days) Standard fee unless you have additional requirements. Unit pre-scouting is included and guaranteed in this fee. *(Some units and special hunts [auction & raffle] require additional fees)

Guides: All of our guides are very experienced, devoted and personable. They have assisted hunters throughout the state and will know your hunt unit thoroughly and pre-scout it before your hunt. They are trained in first- aid and will do everything possible to insure your comfort, safety, and success.

Vehicles: New or late model 4WD, well maintained. Extra vehicles in camp. (No lost days due to mechanical failure.)

Camp: Comfortable, spacious tent camp, private sleeping accommodations warm (heated and dry). Hot showers give everybody a boost after a few days in the field.

Food: You choose your own menu, then we will prepare it the way you like it. (Normally, a lot of traditional southwest cooking over ironwood and mesquite.)

Trophy Care: Complete field care of meat, cape, and horns for travel or shipping.

Expert Guide Service Only

Yellowhorn Outfitters will provide whatever level of service the client chooses and do so with the same enthusiasm and drive as our Fully Outfitted hunts. We fully understand that all of our services may not be within everyone's budget and are perfectly willing to accommodate each hunters needs.

We also believe your hunt becomes much more enjoyable when you leave all the details and arrangements to us. No longer do you have to round up reliable help, provide a complete camp and groceries for yourself and your helpers, scout your entire hunt unit, learn how to find, age, field judge, and hunt bighorn rams.

Ultimately, should you decide what is most important is to have knowledgeable field help to scout prior to your hunt, provide reliable 4WD transportation, accompany you during your hunt, help locate and stalk your ram, and pack and prepare your trophy, then we can do that too!

Pricing: $7,500.00* and up. (10 days) Depends on services provided. You provide for your own camp and personal needs. We provide a knowledgeable, experienced sheep guide with a 4WD vehicle and lots of get up and go! (Hunt unit pre-scouting is included, and other needs can be negotiated.) *(Some units and special hunts [auction & raffle] require additional fees)

Yellowhorn Outfitters is fully licensed and insured. Wherever we hunt with our clients, we will have all of the necessary permits to operate lawfully.

The staff of Yellowhorn Outfitters is the heart of our success. We are lifelong hunters, dedicated to good sportsmanship, and have a strong conservation ethic. We were brought together through our work for The Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society and other Sportsmen Conservation Organizations. We have developed our friendship while sharing many campfires at waterhole projects, transplants, and surveys. This common bond has given each of us a team perspective in approaching our guiding efforts. When one of us finishes, he moves on to help the next. This is a great insurance policy for high success!

Many questions will probably come to mind as you consider your upcoming hunt. We can talk "sheep" anytime. If you need additional information or would like references from past hunters, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Pete Cimellaro - Outfitter/Guide
(day) or (evenings) at (602) 840-8749

Jim McCasland - Outfitter/Guide
(day) or (evenings) at (928) 445-3886

P.S. Should you choose to use an outfitter other than Yellowhorn Outfitters, we wish you the best, and hope you have an enjoyable and successful hunt. If you choose to hunt on your own, and would like information, don't hesitate to call. We are interested in each and every sheep hunter being successful and will be happy to get you started in the right direction.

Yellowhorn Outfitters

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